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Joint Greek and Turkish Earthquake Conference

Dr. Hoffman, in collaboration with her colleague, Dr. Anthony Oliver-Smith, has published two highly acclaimed books on the subject of disaster and the impact of disaster on culture and society, THE ANGRY EARTH and CATASTROPHE AND CULTURE. She has also written many articles for popular publications and academic journals. She lectures internationally on such topics as the nature of disaster, the stages of recovery, disaster and social cultural change, the hidden victims of disaster,  gender and disaster, cases of effective and ineffective response, and the construction and unfolding of particular catastrophes around the world.  As the survivor of  two major disasters, one in which she lost everything she owned, she has personal insight as well as expertise to share as a consultant and speaker.
She was the first recipient of the Fulbright Foundation Aegean Initiative grant, consulting with and advising both Greece and Turkey on the disaster issues associated with their Izmit and Athens earthquakes. She assisted in the writing of the United Nations statement on Women and Natural Disaster, and has addressed issues in the follow-up of the statement.
Hurricanes Rita, Ike and Gustave, Grand Bayou, LouisianaIn the aftermath of the catastrophic Asian tsunami, Dr. Hoffman worked in Ache, Sumatra, Indonesia consulting with responders to address the needs of the populations in rebuilding  their culture and society. She helped in the coordination of civil society groups and the governments of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in their efforts to prepare for earthquakes, help mitigate potential destruction, and set up response and aid for those who might be affected. 
She has advised aid givers in El Salvador in pre- and post-disaster earthquake, volcano, and mudslide topics and clean water issues. She has consulted on matters of disaster resiliency in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustave, and Ike in Louisiana.
She inaugurated the Gender and Disaster Program at the International Disaster Convention in New Delhi, India and lectured there on several topics.  She has addressed issues of environmental degradation,  water tables, natural gas, and deforestation in the American West.  She has been asked to produce a volume on climate change and the looming global food crisis.

She contributes yearly to the program of the National Hazards Workshop, to numerous international conferences, and to the disaster sessions at the American Anthropological Association annual meetings.   

She lived through the Loma Prieta earthquake , as well as others, and lost  her home and all her belongings in the Berkeley-Oakland Firestorm.  She has worked with various agencies and institutions in the United States as well as internationally.

Dr. Hoffman is available for consulting to governments, aid and other organizations, academic institutions and researchers involved in disaster management and response.  She is able to organize teams of experts to help advise and organize rapidly.

Dr. Hoffman may be contacted at:

Dr. Susanna M. Hoffman
P.O. Box 119
Telluride, CO 81435



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