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Hoffman Consulting

Dr. Susanna Hoffman is an informative and engaging speaker, making appearances, organizing conferences, and lecturing worldwide. She readily addresses all types of groups: public audiences, university classrooms and symposia, national and international conferences, relief organizations, government agencies, and police and fire departments. She leads workshops, organizes conferences, and conducts multi disciplinary sessions on the nature of disasters. She is available to speak at your venue upon request.  She is a frequent guest on television and radio shows.  

Among the topics she has addressed are:

  • The Anatomy of Disaster 

  • The stages of Recovery

  • Gender Issues

  • The Return of Old Cultural Patterns in the Wake of Disaster

  • Grief and Mourning

  • The Five Hundred Year Tsunami – The History of the Social Construction of the Calamity

  • Aid in the Tsunami and other Disasters

  • Katrina, What Happened?

  • The Anatomy of Disaster

  • Do Disasters Change Society?  

  • The Hidden Victims of Disaster: Forgotten and Ignored  

  • The Mother and The Monster: Disaster Symbolism

  • Concepts of Time and Space in Disaster Recovery

  • The Portrayal of Disaster in Film, Literature, Art, and Music

  • The Global Food Crisis

  • Neo-Liberalism’s Role in the Creation of Disaster  

  • Looming Disasters in the American West: Energy, Water, Food, and Public Land

  • Why Anthropology is Necessary in Understanding Disaster


Presenting an Award at the National Hazards WorkshopUzbekistan, Disaster Preparation


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